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5 stars to Carrie at Carrie’s Pilates plus for having a great attitude and being attentive to students in her class. My friends all know I really dislike most workouts – this class seemed to go by so quickly with her great playlist and bouncy chipper energy while she instructs. You really feel as though she is cheering you on, and if a student is new to class and needs assistance she discreetly shows them what to do in between giving instructions to the rest of the class. On top of that, her studio is beautiful with a great blasting ventilation system (I’m an a/c freak, especially while working out) and CLEAN. After class she will even hand each student a disinfecting wipe to quickly wipe the machine down. I love her class 🙂



It was my first time attending a Pilates class. My girlfriend goes about 3x a week and swears by their instructors and technique. I was a little hesitant at first, but as soon as a got on the reformer, the instructor made sure I knew exactly how to complete the moves. Everyone was incredibly nice and reassuring. I will definitely be going back!

I will definitely be going back!

If you’re looking for an easy pilates class with lots of stretching, this isn’t the place for you. But if you’re looking for a studio that will push you to your limits, make you sweat (real sweat), and strengthen your entire body please give this studio a try. Before pilates, I was pretty dedicated to yoga but once I started pilates I noticed such an incredible difference in my core strength. Also, if you’re looking for an extra challenge, try Brian’s class. Michelle, Kate, and Katie Jo are phenomenal teachers as well.


…a studio that will push you to your limits…

Carries Pilates is hands down the best Pilates studio I’ve ever been to. Instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful with technique and performance. I had results just after 3 classes. Jocelyn at the front is super helpful and warm- always there to lend a hand. Try this place out and you will not regret it. you guys rock!!!


you guys rock!!!

Today was my first class and all I can say is: OBSESSED.
Carrie is such a beautiful person both inside and out and really kicked my ass in class today. I was struggling with understanding/working the machine and Carrie always made sure to help and correct my posture and always did so with a smile.

100000000% recommend.

100000000% recommend…