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KatieJo Zayon of Carrie's Pilates Plus

KatieJo Zayon

KJ possesses the ability to  quickly understand each individuals physical capabilities. She will motivate and push you to get to your personal “edge” in a safe way so that  you are able to achieve your goals. Her competetive background in gymnastics, cheerleading, and years of fitness trainingbwill ensure your goals are in good hands.

Her hope is that her clients are able to take steps toward their goals and become the best versions of themselves possible through hard work and discipline. Her classes are high energy, challenging, and a whole lot of fun.  You can expect just as much of a mental workout as you can a physical one which will allow you to bring that powerful mindset into your life outside of our studio.

KatieJo is available for Private Training. For more information, call 310-358-9491 or email info@carriespilatesplus.com.