Instructor Training and Certification Program


Do you want to learn to teach the Carrie’s method? Maybe try to apply to join the team? Then our certification program is for you.

At Carrie’s, we believe teaching is a combination of knowledge, energy, and dedication. That’s why our certification program focuses on providing trainees with a solid foundation of technique and repertoire of moves to build off of, along with plenty of mic practice and class shadowing.

Carrie Minter herself will be leading and running the teacher training/certification. Carrie Minter’s Pilates background and education comes from her love of the workout, having been a student for over 11 years. She completed her Comprehensive Pilates Education with the International Pilates College, certified by Master Ivon Dahl. Over the last 5 years she’s built a name and brand for herself running LA’s largest and most popular Pilates studio loved by models, actors, athletes, and many men and women of all ages.

“It’s a really hands-on, detailed program that I felt gave me the tools I needed to start teaching the method. A welcoming environment too.”

-Lindsey Harrod, Trainer at Carrie’s

What is the cost?
$1500 (ask about our two part payment plan)

What is included?

  • A certificate of completion through our studio stating you are certified through us to teach our studio’s workout method

  • 4 days of hands-on training

  • A training manual describing the moves, how to put together a workout, and the science behind the method

  • 10 classes + Additional Classes at a Special Rate

  • 5 practice hours

  • A chance to shadow our instructors in classes

  • A mock class at the end of training

  • An audition at our studio (whenever you’re ready)