Charity Hodges

Charity is a Southern girl at heart. Being born and raised in a small town near Nashville, Tennessee she has that Southern charm that makes everyone feel drawn to her sweetness. She has always been very outgoing and entertaining. Charity also grew up doing beauty pageants and walked away with many titles. That winning smile and bikini body also landed Charity appearances in numerous magazines and television shows including the hit show "Two and a Half Men" and in both Maxim and Stuff Magazines.

After 6 yrs of taking Pilates classes on the MegaFormer, Charity has come to realize that the workout never gets easier, however, YOU get stronger. Her classes are high energy and challenging, but also are a ton of fun! She will motivate you and keep you going when you feel like quitting. She is really good about focusing on correct form, making sure you get the best workout possible. She is also a lover of music, so be prepared to bust a move and you might catch her rapping a beat from time to time. You are guaranteed to leave her class full of sweat, and shaking from the greatest workout you’ve ever experienced! Charity's go-to daily motto is "Look Better Naked"!