Leslie Karpman

Dedicated and fierce, Leslie is known for transforming bodies, and for giving you the most intense endorphin rush of your life.  You leave craving more.  Her class is often described as an addiction.  During Leslie’s workouts, you will feel your body coming alive.  It is known that the time flies by in her classes because you’re having such a great time.  The mind plays tricks, and Leslie often uses humor to get you out of your head.  Her passion and vibrant personality are contagious, and you find yourself having the energy you never imagined possible.  Leslie’s class is like therapy and a party all in one shot, and to top off that high feeling, you get the killer body you’ve been dreaming about.

A tight butt and great abs are an effect; the cause is you get healthy.

In addition to her Carrie’s Pilates Plus certification, she is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and uses her knowledge in all three disciplines to design fitness and nutrition programs tailored to the individual. Each client’s unique biochemistry comes into play in the programs she creates, with a strong emphasis on whole foods, mindfulness, and the willingness to surrender old ideas.