Our signature 45 minute full-body challenging workout. Given that there are only two levels, this and beginner level, this class can be viewed as an advanced class. We do always recommend that first-timers take a beginner class but it is not required. This class emphasizes fast transitions (10 seconds or less) and extremely slow movements in each move.


This class is a great place to start as the instructor breaks down the machine and goes in depth about every move. Every move is broken down in detail and form is discussed in great length. Though technically for “beginners”, advanced students can benefit a lot from the form focused class as they will be pushed to go slow and perform every move correctly.


Lookout for specialty classes such as ABS & A$$ (core and butt focused), Get Cheeky! (butt class), and our 90 Minute Bootcamp.


One-on-ones are the best way to learn this workout, and to get an intense workout in. As a client, you can tailor the session to exactly what you want. 45 minutes of abs? Split it up into abs and upper body, or abs and legs? Up to you! If you have an injury, privates will also allow you to get the proper modifications you need. You can ask for a trainer you specifically want to work with, or we can recommend someone for you based on your preferences! Click here for private session pricing.