[The Not Fun But Necessary Stuff]

Carrie’s PIlates Plus strongly recommends that you begin your journey with our world class workout with a minimum of at least one Intro/Beginner level classes at our studio.

• You will learn how to maneuver the Megaformer, our die-hard machine that will challenge your limits and catapult your body into its best shape.
• You will learn the proper form that will ensure that you can test your limits while keeping your body safe from injury.
• You will be shown some great stretches to begin and end your workout with, that will increase your flexibility and ability to stretch your limits.
Are you ready for a lithe, strong and lean physique with a core of steel? SIGN UP for an INTRO CLASS Today!

New Clients: 
Please arrive 15 minutes before class to get orientated on the Megaformer. If you arrive too late to be introduced to the Megaformer, we reserve the right to deny entry to class at our discretion.

All Other Clients: If you are not present at the start time of your reserved class, your spot is at risk to be given away to a client on standby. If you call ahead and let us know you will be running late, we will hold the spot. If this is the situation, your session will be lost. If nobody is waiting for the spot you can still attend. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

A 12 Hour Cancellation is required prior to when class begins in order to avoid penalty. 
There are no exceptions.

If you fail to cancel at least 12 hours prior to a confirmed session or you do not show to a class, you will lose the class.

If you fail to cancel at least 12 hours prior to a confirmed session you will lose the class and be charged a $15.00 Late Cancellation (LC) Fee; if you “No Show” to a confirmed session you will lose the class and be charged a $20.00 No Show (NS) Fee.


The Waitlist is meant to guarantee a spot if it opens up. The system will automatically add anyone to the class if someone cancels with 14+ hours notice. The system also sends an email to the person being added from the waitlist to the class. It is your responsibility if you are going to utilize Waitlist to check your account, and your email to be sure the system has not already added you into class before signing up for another class time. The system will not add you in with less than 14 hours notice, so you do have time to early cancel in the event you are added in from the waitlist. Once you are added, it is your responsibility to cancel before the 12 hour window to class to avoid fees if necessary.

• All Sales Are Final. We Issue No Refunds.
are limited to one class per day. If you desire to purchase additional classes so that you may take more than one on any given day the booking system will off you this option.
• CLASS SWITCHES can only be made if your reservation is through Carrie’s Pilates Plus online booking system, not Classpass, Mindbody, or Zenrez. All class switches through our system require a $15 change fee.
• 30 DAY PASS MEMBERS – REQUIRES CREDIT CARD ON FILE All 30 Day Pass Members must keep a valid credit card number on file or your account will be suspended until that is rectified.
When you schedule your CPP class you are paying for our workout, not the trainer of that session. Trainers are subject to change without notice. No refunds on the class fee or the fees associated with late cancel/no show will be given.
• CPP is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
• CPP reserves the right to refuse business.